Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today would have been my maternal Grandma’s 91st birthday. To say I miss her would be an understatement. Aside from my parents, she was the family member to whom I was closest, and since her passing, I’ve had a really hard time adjusting to life without frequent phone calls and visits to her house when I go home. I pitched the following essay to INDY back in October for the DISH issue, but it didn’t get picked up for its lack of mentioning specific NC BBQ places. I thought today would be a good time to share it with y’all. This one is for you, Grandma. I love and miss you so much! Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Grandma!”

New Year Goals

Hey, y’all! Happy Holidays, and (almost) Happy New Year! While NYE isn’t my favorite holiday, I do make resolutions every year, and I inevitably fail at accomplishing them. I know I’m not alone in that, so this year, I am going to set goals for the New Year that are more tangible than some of the resolutions I’ve made in the past that involve changing myself in ways that are unrealistic. See last year’s blog post about keeping a planner…that lasted for a few months, but my free-spirited self wasn’t having it by March. Bullet journaling sounds like a nightmare to me, but I digress.

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Gingerbread Chess Pie

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, y’all! I have been feeling all warm and fuzzy today, which may be due to the glass of wine I just consumed while baking for the big day tomorrow. More than likely, though, my gratitude results from the amazing support and encouragement I’ve received from real-life friends and online friends alike regarding the recent name change of my Instagram account from @gradschoolfoodie to @politicaljunkfoodie. I thought of this name last Friday when I was writing the first draft of my most recent article for INDY Week, Your Thanksgiving Food is Political. I spontaneously changed it after hearing from friends and my mom that it was not, in fact, stupid, and it was in fact, clever and arguably more representative of me as a person than my previous handle. The name change was inevitable, though, as I plan to finish grad school sooner rather than later.

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Thai Green Curry: Fall Edition

Last Monday felt like Christmas morning…for more reasons than one. I was absolutely exhausted after staying up until 3:30 am finishing up a draft of my first dissertation chapter. I also received a present in the form of a box of “rescued” organic produce from Hungry Harvest, a produce delivery service based in Maryland that has expanded to serve the Triangle area. My box included a variety of goodies from apples and oranges to kale and summer squash. This company’s mission to reduce food waste is admirable, and it is cost-effective, as the price of these boxes save customers money they would spend on “prettier” fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. I honestly do not understand how  stores throw away produce like this, as my box full of less-desirable items was a sight for sore eyes. I admire Hungry Harvest’s efforts to save these delicious treats, and I was so excited to brainstorm recipes involving the contents of my box.

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Spicy Peach Salsa

Hey, y’all! It’s been a minute since I’ve written a post. Actually, it’s been almost 2 months…eek. To say I’ve been busy would be an understatement. I recently started working part-time at one of my favorite breweries as part of their event staff. I also just finished up teaching a six week summer class (after teaching a six week online class at the beginning of the summer). Normally, I would still be procrastinating on my dissertation during this busy season, but I actually have been hard at work collecting *good* data. Of course the moment I finished collecting survey respondents, my computer crashed. Thus, I have not been able to write a blog post because I had to use a loaner laptop for 20 days. Last week, I received my laptop (with a new hard drive) back from ITS.

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Procrastibaking, My One True Love

Y’all, I’m crying right now. I was just quoted in the New York Times, not about political science but about procrastibaking, my one true love. Here’s the link to Julia Moskin’s awesome article devoted to procrastibaking, featuring quotes from procrastibakers across the country!

Why Work When You Can Procrastibake?

I realize this is not even a humble brag; it’s a down-right brag, but I just had to share. Hope y’all are having a wonderful week! I sure am now!

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