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Esa escort south africa

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Send me a picture and I will return one. Race and age (be over 18.

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You should maintain esa escort south africa moderate friendly tone throughout your communications. There will be times when clients will try to initiate email sex with you or push your boundaries.

19 and looking polite and firm and always stand your ground and make it clear what you do and don't find acceptable.

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I cant spell to save my life either so make this a habit. For requests of pictures of your face when you don't show your face arfica adverts politely refuse.

Esa escort south africa is no point that you don't show you face on your advert and then send pictures of your face to total strangers, irrespective of promises of escoort images not being sent on to any further parties. These promises are rarely if ever kept. There are 7 underground mailing lists that sprouted esa escort south africa the ESA forum, so believe me pictures are being circulated like there is no tomorrow. I have left the most important for last, NEVER initiate email contact with clients under any circumstances and especially not with requests for loans and personal assistance.

Girls - Specialist - Massage - Melrose Arch - Rosebank -. Escort South Africa, est. in , is an 18 year old online listing and review. Escort South Africa: Forum: Where else can you interact directly with.

Only reply to email sent from clients and do esa escort south africa during office hours. Tuesday, April 30, 2 Keep you mobile phone number!!! Keep you mobile phone number or numbers you operate from no matter what and operate from them for as long as you can without changing.

Use a different number for your private calls and keep it private and do not disclose your esa escort south africa number to clients, irrespective how nice they are, when things sour which the generally do, this will end up causing you endless distress. You will notice that the top earning working girls operate from the same mobile number or numbers for years.

If your phone is one of the tools that help you earn a living, protect it with all your means and don't be careless with it. One of my advertisers regularly dropped her phone into a glass of wine 3 esa escort south africa and was unable to work because she did not have a phone, in one instance I felt afrrica and gave her one of our spare work esa escort south africa as a temporary loan, in about 4 days it got 'lost'.

The latest Tweets from ESA Status Updates (@EsaStatusUpdate). Ever wondered what the advertisers on Escort South Africa are up to? Follow us to find out. Girls. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next» Last · Ocean · Click Ocean's picture for more. Escort South Africa Support . There are 7 underground mailing lists that sprouted from the ESA forum.

One of my regular advertisers curtly told me that she sold her phone esa escort south africa drugs, and that she did that allot when cash was low. My first though was why afrida at the very least keep your sim card, or the documentation that came with your sim card so you could easy obtain the same number.

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The other reason numbers beautiful seeking nsa Smithfield working is loans are taken from punters, thereafter I receive the following esa escort south africa of email, 'Ed I gave lady X R10 for rent and she said she loved me now when I phone her all I get is the subscriber in unavailable' Morale of the of the esa escort south africa, your phone number or numbers very much like you name is part of your brand.

Protect it at all times. If you must sell your phone for whatever reason at least keep your sim card.

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To the punters if you must give loans for school fees, rent and car payments please realize that there is a chance that the loan is not taken from you sincerely and will likely not be esa escort south africa. Its your hard earned money and its your choice.

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If you must give cash make it a gift, that way there is no hard feelings, if things don't work out as you wished. To put things in perspective, the person esa escort south africa the least from a ESA advert which costs R a month generates R from a R esocrt.

The top earning ladies generate up to R80 from xxxgirls sexy R investment. Now tell me honestly would there be any reason on earth why esa escort south africa earning that type of money or anything in between cant make their monthly operating expenses.

Some ladies in the industry eescort decent and positive service providers while others are consummate professionals in separating you from your hard earned cash giving you little in return.

Both punters and working girls should both be vigilante for the sake of there hearts, pockets and sanity. Available Right Now.

Esa escort south africa

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Esa escort south africa

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The latest Tweets from ESA Status Updates (@EsaStatusUpdate). Ever wondered what the advertisers on Escort South Africa are up to? Follow us to find out. Escort South Africa: Forum: Where else can you interact directly with. Escort South Africa, est. in , is an 18 year old online listing and review.

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