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Hi boys BBW here age. If you meet the criteria email me a picture with an interesting subject. I am an independent female with a warped sense of humor and sarcastic nature. Wanna know me better.

Age: 25
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Now let me preface with this: I hate games. But, according to psychologist Richard Wiseman and author of 59 Seconds: Got that?

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So chin up, roll with the punches, make some prolonged eye contact and grab that forearm. What could possibly go wrong?

Lyndsay Rush July 16, 7: FB Twitter ellipsis More. This might seem a little manipulative, but, I prefer to think of it as strategic.

Approaching your crush oyur may be too bold for you. But there are ways you can "insert" yourself, make yourself visible and have him or her approach you.

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Because I'm naturally clumsy, maladroit, if feeling sexy I've literally bumped into a handsome stranger and made it work for me. Though I've never had get your flirt on stones to intentionally try this maneuver, I think it's a good one!

The key is to be able to read social cues and know when to make your.

Just be sure that when you strike, gey do so deliberately, even if your move is seemingly not so. In other words, go all in and commit to your strategy.

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Do not rely on alcohol, your friend, or smart fllirt to do your bidding. Flirting is fun, so enjoy it. You cannot if you employ any of the above three methods. Plus, you'll end up looking lame.

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Do you. There's a reason this is the 1 tip to being a good flirt: We all have our signature moves -- leaning in close, talking with a faux British accent, spraying get your flirt on hair with perfume, touching a person gently on the arm, admitting to flirting while flirting. These are the classic rituals of courtship that send our crushes the message that we are open for possibilities.

Embrace them in all their glorious silliness or ferocity, and remember to put yourself out. The worst that happens is that he or she rejects you. I promise you -- you'll survive.

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Join HuffPost Plus. Canada U. US News. Make eye contact.

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Smile, hold their gaze for just a little longer than normal, then break it. Then look. Play copycat.

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Mirroring helps to create rapport between the two of you, and will make the flrit of your affections feel comfortable and flattered. Say nice things.