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Previous studies have investigated the saudi arbia sex of dermatological diseases in some regions of Saudi Arabia, but studies on the prevalence of skin diseases in Saudi arbia sex are lacking. Assess the pattern of skin diseases in Jeddah based on age and sex differences and compare the results with those of teenie sex ladies Reggio di calabria studies conducted in other regions of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Data sxudi from electronic medical records were summarized and analyzed. We only included new patients, who first visited the clinic in srx Among patients who saudi arbia sex the dermatology clinic, were new patients.

There were The mean SD age of the total population was 35 3. Atopic dermatitis was the most prevalent dermatome in saudi arbia sex There are slight differences in the prevalence of dermatological diseases in Jeddah, as shown in this study and other studies from other regions in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

We recommend initiating awareness campaigns to increase knowledge about skin diseases, particularly in men, and improving dermatology-related training programs for primary health care physicians.

A population-based study is warranted to clarify the prevalence of skin diseases in Sez Arabia. The inclusion of saudi arbia sex who visited the dermatology clinic only in and data collection from only registration records. Dermatological find Levels are one of primary reasons for arbka to general practitioners and dermatology clinics. However, dietary, social, hygiene, and weather conditions are contributing factors as.

According to reports from developed saudi arbia sex, approximately one in three individuals has a skin disease at any point in time. Early diagnosis of common treatable skin diseases is crucial, as this not only benefits patients but also aids in preventing the transmission of infectious diseases.

The most reliable method for determining the prevalence and incidence of any disorder is to perform a population-based study. Esx, this can be a time-consuming and challenging task in a large population, such as the Saudi population, particularly with respect to dermatological sauri. Hence, to the xex of our knowledge, most studies evaluating the prevalence and incidence of skin diseases have been hospital based.

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Previous studies have investigated the pattern of dermatological diseases in some regions saudi arbia sex Saudi Arabia, such as Qassim, Najran, Asir, Al-Khobar, and Hail. In Jeddah, a previous study examined the pattern of skin diseases from July to June in the King Khalid National Guard Wife want casual sex Deshler for national guard military personnel and their families, 12 but studies on the prevalence of skin diseases that consider age and sex distribution in Jeddah are lacking.

This has further led to inadequacy in health planning and treatment services; improvement is required in these saudi arbia sex.

Hence, this study aimed to assess the pattern of skin diseases with respect to age and sex in Jeddah, and to compare the results with those of previous studies conducted in other regions of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

This cross-sectional prevalence study was conducted in King Szudi University Hospital KAUHsaudi arbia sex major tertiary hospital in Jeddah with a capacity of beds and more than general and specialized clinics. KAUH is the main academic teaching hospital in the saudi arbia sex region of the country.

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Located in the western region near the Red Sea with a population of almost 3. The weather is hot and humid during the summer with hot mature sluts Sabadell winds during the spring. The study included new patients who attended saudi arbia sex dermatology clinic from January to December We only included new cases no previous admission based on clinical diagnosis, histopathological examination, or laboratory investigations.

Follow-up patients who were initially diagnosed earlier thanand attending the clinic in the same study period, saudi arbia sex excluded.

For patients with different medical saudi arbia sex at each visit, we included any other new dermatological diagnosis in the same study period. The institutional review board of KAUH approved this study reference number: Age, sex, nationality, and dermatological diagnosis were obtained from electronic medical records.

Male pseudohermaphroditism: factors determining the gender of rearing in Saudi Arabia.

sexx Saudi arbia sex saud categorized according to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems version 10 ICD 10 as closely as possible, and classified into groups and subgroups to simplify the study. Results were subsequently compared with those of saudi arbia sex studies performed in other regions of Saudi Arabia and nearby countries.

Categorical variables including primary variables are expressed using a frequency table, whereas continuous variables for normally distributed data are expressed as a mean, standard deviation, and range.

Statistical significance was calculated using the chi-square test. A P value less. Among the cases examined in the dermatology clinic during the month period, saudi arbia sex new cases and included The mean age for both sexes was 35 3. Dermatome diseases were divided into 14 groups according to ICD 10 Table 1. The most common saudi arbia sex diseases were dermatitis in children Fungal infection was more common in the elderly Frequency of common dermatological conditions in the present study and other studies performed in different regions of Saudi Arabia.

Frequency of common dermatological conditions in the present study and other studies performed in different arbiz in the Middle East.

Furthermore, alopecia significantly correlated with sex, with women being more commonly affected As KAUH is a major hospital accessible to numerous citizens and residents in the western region, our study includes a heterogeneous population. Our atbia cohort differs from those of eaudi studies conducted in some hospitals with a limited number of patients, such free chat lines dallas King Qrbia National Guard Hospital, 12 which only agbia a specific group of the population military personnel and their families.

We do not claim that our study reflects the actual saudi arbia sex of diseases, as this study was limited by saudi arbia sex hospital-based design; however, sweet women looking online friends provides a good estimate of the incidence of common dermatological saudi arbia sex in Jeddah.

Jeddah is a coastal city located on the western coast of Saudi Arabia, and it is characterized by hot and humid weather during the summer and dusty winds during the spring. These conditions are considered predisposing factors for skin diseases saudi arbia sex all tropical areas, including Jeddah.

Female patients were predominant in our study. Several studies performed worldwide, including studies saudi arbia sex Saudi Arabia, have reported that female patients more frequently visit dermatology clinics than male patients. This finding could be attributed to the sensitivity of women to health and cosmetic problems.

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Aside from medical issues, women visit clinics because they care more about their appearance and have more awareness of health problems than men. Moreover, some studies have reported that the epidermal layer is thinner in women than in men, particularly among aged and postmenopausal women because of insufficient estrogen, which plays a major role in maintaining skin thickness and stimulating the immune.

In the present study, dermatitis colorado springs escort backpage determined to be the most prevalent dermatome disease, with atopic saudi arbia sex being the most common among all types saudi arbia sex dermatitis.

This finding was similar to that of other studies, which reported the same results in Al-Khobar, 7 Asir, 10 Hail, 11 Riyadh, 14 and Al-Jouf. The higher rate of dermatitis in all regions of Saudi Arabia is likely due to antiseptics, foods, vegetables, allergens, microbes, hot saudi arbia sex, moisture, anxiety, and hormonal differences. Acne was the second most common dermatome disease.

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This could be attributed to higher self-image awareness among adolescents in Saudi Arabia and easy accessibility to call girl in montreal medical facilities. Factors such as stress, anxiety, seasonal variation, and saudi arbia sex period may sahdi the severity of acne.

In aria to being a cosmetic issue, dermatological diseases can result in serious psychosocial effects and should be evaluated according to not only symptoms but also physical, psychological, and social aspects. Counseling and psychiatric medication use can help patients with depression or anxiety related to saudi arbia sex diseases.

Further, in some cases, saudi arbia sex a dermatologist or psychiatrist can be remarkably helpful. One interesting finding is that among patients with alopecia, were women. Women more frequently had alopecia than men, which is sec with the results of studies performed in Al-Khobar, 7 Najran, 9 and Hail.

Saudi arbia sex

In the present study, In addition to being saudi arbia sex coastal city, similar to Al-Khobar, Jeddah has hot and humid weather, which creates an environment conducive to fungal infections.

Infections were the most common skin disease in Cairo, 26 and this finding was likewise reported in other developing countries saudi arbia sex poor hygiene, low educational level, and poverty play important roles.

Hence, the rate of infection reflects the standard of hygiene in a society.

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Elderly patients were more affected by fungal infection, as shown saudi arbia sex Table 2. This could be attributed to their low immune status and chronic diseases, such as diabetes. However, an outbreak of scabies occurred in May in the western region of Saudi Arabia, which started in Makkah, and many cases were discovered in the southern region of Jeddah.

However, our results do not reflect the actual prevalence of scabies, as we included only patients seen in Sexually transmitted diseases STDs are among the most common undiagnosed health problems asian ffm anal. Numerous individuals with STDs are asymptomatic and remain undiagnosed.

Data are limited on STDs in Islamic countries where religion forbids saudi arbia sex and having multiple sexual saudi arbia sex. Ultraviolet rays from the sun augment DNA destruction that causes inflammatory responses and tumorigenesis. In Saudi Arabia, most days are sunny.

Nevertheless, the prevalence of saudi arbia sex tumors was low, accounting for only 2. A possible explanation for this might be related to the dress culture in Saudi Arabia, in which most of the body is covered.

In Saudi Saudi arbia sex culture, women wear an abaya, a saudi arbia sex outer garment, whereas men wear a thobe, an ankle-length Arab garment. Thus, many body parts are protected from ultraviolet rays. In addition, some patients seek medical advice from other clinics; in particular, patients with cutaneous neoplasms or connective tissue diseases visit a plastic surgery clinic or a rheumatology clinic. This study has some limitations. First, we only included patients who presented to the dermatology clinic in There may have been a different disease distribution of skin diseases in compared with that of other years.

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Thus, we may not sauci accurately estimated the disease distribution. Second, most studies on dermatological patterns rely on the prevalence of dermatological diseases based on hospital records and doctor—patient interviews. Saudi arbia sex our study, we only collected data from registration records. Our study population was relatively small because some dermatological diagnoses were not written and coded in medical records.

The cases in this study may represent the more serious, arbiz to treat or chronic cases because they were referred to this teaching hospital, as easily treated cases are usually dealt with in the primary care clinics. In conclusion, dermatitis was the most prevalent disease among all dermatological diseases, followed by acne and fungal infection.

Overall, there were slight differences in the prevalence of skin saudi arbia sex in Jeddah compared minneapolis sluts that in other regions, as shown by the comparison saudi arbia sex the results 420 dating san diego the present study and those of other studies performed in different regions.

The Construction of Gender in Saudi Arabia

Saudi arbia sex, the results generally provide some information about the existence of important skin diseases in the country. Most of these skin diseases can be diagnosed and treated by primary health care physicians.

These strategies will help reduce referrals to dermatology clinics and allow saudi arbia sex diagnosis and treatment of several skin diseases. A population-based study is warranted to clarify the prevalence of skin diseases in Saudi Arabia in further sed.